Vicki Schultz, Writer 
Young Adult Fantasy Novels
Welcome to my realm of sarcastic demigoddesses, misguided guardian angels, and identical twins who, despite one brother's autism, communicate more deeply than the rest of us—in a way that can't be heard. 
I am seeking representation for my two young adult manuscripts: The Persephone Paradox and Lightning Dreams.

The Persephone Paradox is a dark, edgy adventure with a love story at its heart. It's about seventeen-year-old Zoe who discovers she's not some freakish gardening prodigy; she's a daughter of the goddess of spring. And the hot, Greek exchange student who just saved her life is as dangerous as he is divine: half human, half angel, and wholly enslaved by the Fates. His job is to guide Zoe to her so-called destiny, but Zoe is sick of being told what to do. If she wants to choose her own fate and avoid being dragged into the deepest pit in the Underworld, she'll need to master her flower power and use it to kick some serious butt.
Lightning Dreams is about 17-year-olds Tristan and Nova Nickerson, identical twins who are desperate to escape the World Health Organization's study after Tristan’s miraculous recovery from autism gravis—a species-threatening disease. Carriers of the faulty genes, including 25 percent of the world’s population, will soon be sterilized or quarantined to contain the pandemic. The brothers realize they can’t keep their special connection—the Lightning Dreams that bring Tristan back to the real world from his Otherplace every night—a secret anymore. But will they work with the WHO to eradicate autism or with the rEVOLUTIONists to discover autism’s evolutionary advantage and use it as a weapon to protect their own kind?
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