The Persephone Paradox is a dark, edgy adventure with a love story at its heart. It's about a seventeen-year-old girl named Zoe who discovers she's not just some freakish gardening prodigy, but a daughter of the goddess of spring. And the hot, Greek foreign exchange student who just saved her life is actually a Fate Enforcer sent to rescue her from the evil Greek god who's been masquerading as her step-dad. But her rescuer has his own agenda. Zoe realizes that if she wants to choose her own destiny AND avoid being dragged into the deepest pit in the Underworld, then she's going to need to master her flower power and use it to kick some serious butt. 
Sixteen-year-old identical twins Tristan and Nova Nickleby share a secret: Their minds connect each night in a waking dream that rescues Tristan from his world of autism, but the “normal” life Nova makes possible for him comes at a high price for them both.