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Lightning Dreams

Lightning Dreams is a YA dystopian about 17-year-olds Tristan and Nova Nickerson, identical twins who are desperate to escape the World Health Organization's study after Tristan’s miraculous recovery from autism gravis—a species-threatening disease. Carriers of the faulty genes, 25 percent of the world’s population, will soon be sterilized or quarantined to contain the pandemic. The brothers realize they can’t keep secret their special connection anymore—the Lightning Dreams that bring Tristan back to the real world from his Otherplace every night. But will they work with the WHO to eradicate autism or with the rEVOLUTIONists to discover autism’s evolutionary advantage and use it as a weapon to protect their kind?

The real world assaults Tristan’s every sense: the lights are too bright, the noises too loud, and even the softest touch is too rough. The over-stimulation builds up in his head with the force of lightning—until he releases it each night to Nova. Nova doesn't mind taking the sensory experiences that make Tristan’s head throb, and he eats up the knowledge Tristan shares from his photographic memory, but the lightning dreams are getting more intense every night. And Nova's intellect isn't the only thing growing inside his brain. 

Word count: 70,000.


Cover Art: This temporary cover is my original artwork - a black and white, double-exposure photograph I took in college with colors added by my husband on the computer.

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